Work Hard, Dream Big.

In the past 3-to-4 years, I’ve been accessing Hard Work and Dreaming wanting to know what really makes the difference. Apparently, I’ve come to realize that when it comes to Dreaming, every human being has that thing called dream.

But in the case of hard work, not everyone would want to work hard. So in the nut-shell, there are millions of people on the planet earth who still live in their thoughts.

In other words,

They are still dreaming their life. Sometimes it’s so sad but is a human nature. You can be the most talented person in the room with great visions and aspirations but when you lack the spirit of hard work, life becomes impossible for you to excel.

Because life will never give you what you want but what you have.

Just imagine you having the gift or talent to motivate or inspire people to be at their best. But nothing pushes you to put in the effort to see your talent manifesting. In this case, you’ll have the ability or potential within you but because you don’t utilize them so your gifts or talent, is not serving you.

Infact, you’ll be surprised at how many things that could come your way only if you decide to work on your dreams into reality. Sometimes the lack of hard work, can even make a person the spirit and qualities of the elephant 🐘 act or think like an ant 🐜 in the presence of the lion.

Because you lack Perseverance, hard work and a relentless spirit. Hard work will always beat talent when talent fails to work hard.

Mark Zuckerberg Once said,

‘’Ideas don’t come fully formed, it gets clearer as you work on them’’. So even if you have the dream, talent or the idea, try as much as possible to work it out.

Don’t wait to be great before you start. Start and be Great. That is the only way through. Life itself is design to be tough and hard. Perhaps, there is no easy way around it no matter how talented you are.

So always try to beat your records every day because life is a battle between you and yourself only. If you want something, go after it with everything inside you. Don’t fall prey to the wrong doubts and judgement. People who criticize and condemn you, really have no say in who you can become.

And remember that, you don’t need anybody’s approval before you make a move. This whole will never see you till you do. So just do it and make your mark. Move regardless with significant difference and impacts. Don’t let anybody else tell you, you can’t.

The Bible says in Ephesians that,

” Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think”.

But you know Sometimes I just don’t want to blame you because our environment, cultures and social thoughts has been defining us and giving us the parameters for what we can and can’t be in life.

But I want you to understand that…… Nothing in this world is impossible when hearts and minds are put towards it. Dream Big! But Work Harder than everyone else in the room.


we believe in our future self!



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