Detailed Reasons Why Special Prosecutor Martin Amidu Stepped Down

Detailed Reasons Why Special Prosecutor Martin Amidu Stepped Down

Detailed Reasons Why Special Prosecutor Martin Amidu Stepped Down

We would now be able to allude to the one who called himself: ‘Resident Vigilante” and “Corruption Crusader” Mr Martin Alamisi Burnes Kaiser Amidu as the previous Special Prosecutor following his abdication today.

Today, November 16, 2020, Mr Amidu left the venerated position as the Special Prosecutor scarcely two years in the wake of involving the workplace; a position he expected to fundamentally battle debasement and “secure the public satchel.”

Indeed, we can close it was a pointless pursuit or possibly an unbeneficial venture which has yielded almost no or no outcomes. Without a doubt, Amidu made a few walks in surveying some defilement outrages yet everything finished there… he couldn’t arraign as the name of his office recommends.

For what reason did Martin Amidu leave his situation as Special Prosecutor? – Detailed Analysis

President Akufo-Addo [L] and Martin Amidu [R]

Amidu has expressed a few reasons why as the primary individual to involve the Office of the Special Prosecutor, it has gotten basic for him to move out of his Cantonment office precisely three weeks to political race. has fundamentally examined his assertion and we need to serve you with the reasons he (Mr Amidu) expressed as the spurring factors behind this surprising choice.

1, My freedom as Special Prosecutor was not regarded

As indicated by Mr Amidu, his part as Special Prosecutor and the freedom of his office as revered in the constitution was not regarded by the administration and different nominees of the public authority.

As indicated by Mr Amidu, this is one reason he has left the Office as the Special Prosecutor.

“The one condition whereupon I acknowledged to be designated as the Special Prosecutor when you welcomed me to your Office on tenth January 2018 was your strong guarantee to me that you will regard and guarantee same by your Government for my autonomy and opportunity of activity as the Special Prosecutor,” he said

2, I went under serious assault and was met with hardened resistance following my defilement hazard evaluation of the Agyapa Royalties Deal.

Mr Amidu said another factor that set off his choice to leave the Office of the Special Prosecutor is the ‘horrendous experience’ he experienced subsequent to delivering an assertion on the questionable Agyapa Royalties Deal.

“In attempted the investigation of the danger of avoidance of debasement and hostile to defilement appraisal I earnestly accepted that I was executing a free order under the Office of the Special Prosecutor, Act, 2017 (Act 959) and the Office of the Special Prosecutor (Operations) Regulations, 2018 (L. I. 2374).”

“The response I got for setting out to deliver the Agyapa Royalties Limited Transactions against debasement report persuades me past any sensible uncertainty that I was not planned to practice any freedom as the Special Prosecutor in the counteraction, examination, arraignment, and recuperation of resources of defilement.”

3, My office turned into a trinket; I couldn’t work as I should.

As indicated by Mr Amidu, his office became ‘unsound’ as he wasn’t permitted to protect himself against outer and inside powers that were pushing and driving him without wanting to.

He added that this experience delivered his office as a trinket which was dressed with sacred force yet couldn’t practice it.

My situation as the Special Prosecutor has therefore gotten obviously illogical,” Martin Amidu’s assertion said.

4, The president didn’t permit me to accomplish my work as the Special Prosecutor

Mr Amidu has said his work as Special Prosecutor was gravely hampered by the authority of the president.

As indicated by him, subsequent to concluding the report on the dubious Agyapa Royalties Deal, the president through his nominees passed on to him the need to look out for the president for additional directions prior to continuing with any further chips away at the report.

This, Mr Amidu, accepts didn’t permit him the breathing space to work. More or less, the workplace of the president obstructed him from practicing his command without limit.

“Your Excellency demanded that I ought to retain any further activity on the report for multi week. I hesitantly agrredd to your terms by pulled out quickly that I would prefer not to proceed as Special Prosecutor due to your inteference of my capacities under the law,” he said.

5, I didn’t get my arrangement on schedule and my payments weren’t paid

As per Mr Amidu, in spite of the fact that he was selected as Special Prosecutor in 2018, his arrangement letter was submitted to him in February 2020.

Likewise, he and his delegate have not been paid their remittances since they accepted office. Nonetheless, Mr Amidu said that didn’t influence his own drive to fill in as an OSP.

“It is basic for me to state with the end goal of the records, and in spite of public discernments, that my arrangement letter was gotten on fifth February 2020 (very nearly two (2)- a long time after my arrangement).”

“This clarifies why I have never put the payments and advantages of the Office as integral to my dedication and my enthusiasm for the foundation of a free, compelling, productive and unbiased enemy of debasement Office of the Special Prosecutor before the finish of the initial term of Mr President. This has not been feasible for a few reasons.”

“The Deputy Special Prosecutor has likewise not been paid any remittances since her arrangement, and there is the need to review that circumstance for her since I am far removed.”

6, There was a vacuum made in me as Special Prosecutor. I believed I wasn’t in control

Mr Amidu’s umpteenth explanation behind leaving the workplace of the Special Prosecutor is the inclination that he isn’t responsible for undertakings.

As per him, he felt pretty much like a robot who was been controlled from a specialized room in this way he was confined from working all alone.

That essentially made a vacuum in him which at last required his choice to leave the workplace.

“The occasions of twelfth November 2020 eliminated the main insurance I had from the dangers and plans coordinated at me for undertaking the Agyapa Royalties Limited Transactions hostile to defilement evaluation report and directs that I leave as the Special Prosecutor right away.”

“Dread is the adversary of progress and I am set up from the vacuum made on twelfth November 2020 to meet the dangers of my destruction as the cost to pay for serving my nation without dread or favor friendship or malevolence.”

In finishing up, Mr Amidu said he would like to leave the workplace with his trustworthiness unblemished to scratching his well deserved standing as a defilement crusader who is keen on uncovering the ills of the general public.


As per him, his soul is the anchor of his quality and he accepts ages to come will affirm concerning whether he conducted himself probably as the Special Prosecutor as expert as could reasonably be expected and did the respectable thing by leaving when he felt things weren’t going how he would have preferred them to.

I acted expertly all through in the release of my obligations and my inner voice is the anchor of my solidarity to confront any results.

I am thankful to each Ghanaian for both the help and reactions during my residency. At the point when the genuine realities of my residency become notable to general society later on, history may pass judgment on me merciful. Ghana First!




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