I Have Been An Enemy Of Corruption Crusader For My Entire Life-Martin Amidu

I Have Been An Enemy Of Corruption Crusader For My Entire Life-Martin Amidu

I Have Been An Enemy Of Corruption Crusader For My Entire Life-Martin Amidu

Martin Amidu, subsequent to leaving scarcely two years after his arrangement as uncommon examiner, has given purposes behind his activity which incorporate the non-installment of payments due him.

In a letter dated November 16, 2020, to the workplace of the president, Mr Amidu reported his particular choice to leave the workplace as the Special Prosecutor of Ghana.

Per a report, Martin Amidu uncovered that despite the fact that his arrangement was declared in 2018, he just got his arrangement letter on fifth February 2020.

e said there has likewise not been any push to give him the remittances and advantages due him per his arrangement letter.

Martin Amidu said while he was not very worried about the way that he had not been given any payments, the “Appointee Special Prosecutor has additionally not been paid any payments since her arrangement, and there is the need to change that circumstance for her since I am far removed.”

“My arrangement letter was gotten on fifth February 2020 (right around two (2)- a long time after my arrangement). The duplicate addressees put forth no attempts to respect any of the states of arrangement regarding remittances and advantages of the arrangement since the time my warrant of arrangement was given on 23rd February 2018 to the date of my letter of abdication.”


“I have been an enemy of Corruption crusader for my entire life and not an enemy of debasement business visionary. This clarifies why I have never put the remittances and advantages of the Office as integral to my dedication and my enthusiasm for the foundation of an autonomous, compelling, proficient and fair enemy of debasement Office of the Special Prosecutor before the finish of the initial term of Mr President. This has not been workable for a few reasons,” his assertion said.




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