A winner to me is a loser who never give up hope. Once upon a time, there comes a day when we all talk about winning. Be its sport discipline, educational study or a career.

There and then, we all began to face the reality of life. It is at this point that most people make the craziest decisions in their life.

At one point, some will give up hope because it is painful and tough! And to the very few who will decide to hold on even if it hurt so badly, uses the pain as fuel to keep moving on…

They don’t quit because they failed. Perhaps, if you’re not failing then it means you’re not even trying! Fall down 9 get up 10! That’s how you win. And all winners do equally the same thing.

They never forget why they got started in the first place. They kept their eyes on the target 🎯 and make sure they never miss a shot. They’re so clear on their vision and as they journey through it, they develop the Un-persistent desire to become the winner at all course.

They never allow the invalidations to out-weigh their desire to succeed. They keep on moving and never think of quitting. That is why they are called winners. Imagine yourself trying something as many as you can! And still getting it wrong.

What are going to do when life beat you to the ground? When life smash you down again and again and again because you decided to win. Will you give up or you will turn your pain as the energy to grow and improve on your life skills? You can’t give up. Because you cannot afford to be a loser.

I know is going to be hard and tough but it isn’t impossible. When you use your pain as a motivation to take yourself to the height you want to reach, that is when you can be called a winner. No one was born a loser.

That’s why it is impossible to beat some who never give up hope. All winners have what I called THE SPIRIT OF PERSEVERANCE

 “In the confrontation between the stream and the rock, the stream always wins not because of strength but perseverance “

So if you really want to win in life, then you must develop the spirit of perseverance. You must learn how to persevere even when there are no signs or evidence of winning. Is a battle. And it is between you and yourself only.

If you want to be called the winner, then you must be prepared to go that extra miles. You must break the rules of the game and learn how to overcome the breaking point. Win at all course.



we believe in our future self!


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