Weep Not There Is Hope

Weep Not There Is Hope

Weep not There Is Hope

“An exit from some place is a passage to some place”.


It’s been said that for each hindrance there is a comparing advantage.


There’s expectation in each sad circumstance…


There’s a message in each wreck…


There’s advancement after each assessment (Temptation)…


There are openings in each trouble…


There’s an incredible elegance sitting tight for you in each disfavor…


Likely your difficulty is a set up for an awesome rebound.


My Brother once disclosed to me that;


You don’t need to cry such a great amount over your disappointment… it is reversible. That you erroneously spilled the milk to the floor isn’t the finish of life… however long you actually have the dairy animals, you will improve a one.


That you fizzled once…, twice…, thrice…, or ordinarily, isn’t sufficient to mark you as a disappointment. It’s just the function that fizzled… you are not yet a disappointment until you concede that you are one.


Such a large number of individuals cry a lot about botched chances, bombed designs, and fell business, to the degree that they ignore new and better thoughts.


Where you are correct currently isn’t your end stop… it is just a bus station.


Sobbing may suffer for a night, however celebrating comes toward the beginning of the day.


The very proof that your difficulty will never be lasting is the way that you were not brought into the world with it. Everything with a start definitely has an end.


However long you actually have what God put inside you:


  • You will be commended where you were once endured


  • New entryways will definitely open for you


  • Greater open doors flourishes


  • Your prosperity is ensured in HIM


  • You make certain to rise multiple times higher than you fell


  • You will fly where you once slithered


There is any expectation of a GLORIOUS tomorrow for us all….

Source: Giant News Ghana


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