Today I am not here to just motivate you. I am here to help you change you. To change the believe that says you can’t, to the believe that says you can. To change the believe that says there are limitations to the believe that says, there are no limitations. To change the believe that says there isn’t any way to the knowledge that says there is a way only if you’ll go out there and find it.

Being motivated all the time does not always offer a guarantee that there is hope. Motivations just boost you to be your very best and to be able to perform. Sometimes you may be listening to motivations for 1 hour, 12 hours or a day but nothing changes.

Why because motivation is not enough, you must do! You must put in the work. You must have a plan and learn how to execute that plan. You must take action. Action towards your goals, visions and dreams. You must put in the work.

You can be addicted to motivations that’s OK but continuingly procrastinating won’t yield any positive results. It is good you to watch motivational videos and listen to some positive vibes to propel you for a greater task but without the required effort, you will only be motivated and nothing will change in your life.

Do your goals inspire you to work harder than before? Do you even learn from those motivational videos you watch or listen to? You must set clear and meaningful goals that will inspire you all the time to take massive actions towards your future self.

Goals that will set up the fire 🔥in you. Motivations only isn’t enough but motivations with purpose will set you on the right path. Are your reasons for taking action meaningful enough? What is the reason why you must take action?

Because your future self is counting on you. Your friends and families are counting on you. Your future kids and wife are counting on you. The world too is counting on you. Everyone is counting on you.

If you don’t have a proper reason, of course you won’t take action. If you can’t think of a reason, then you must think differently than before. Begin to imagining things in your life. Imagine how you want your future self to look like.

Imagine the kind of quality education you want to give your kids and begin to take actions now. Imagine the house 🏡 you want to live in and imagine the vacations or places you want to visit with your family.

Imagine the people and the lives you want to touch. Imagine if the life you’re living is not enough for the person you are inside you. Motivation is great! Everyone needs to be motivated all the time but remember, that cannot guarantee success unless you do.

Everyone needs to fill their minds with positive energy and powerful thoughts. It good to stay positive all the time. But mind you, you must take action. Because it’s not enough to just get motivated. You must listen and practice what you watch. That’s how you’ll grow.

The world needs hope! The world needs a supper stand out. So take action for the world is counting on you.


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