We Have It In Us

We Have It In Us

We Have It In Us


Our identification to a decent and quality life isn’t a UK schooling


Our pass to an existence of DISTINCTION isn’t a Harvard training


That we are not where we should be today is an element doing and our demise


That we are not making it like a few people, isn’t depended on our powerlessness to go to Loyola Jesuit College, Obafemi Awolowo University, Covenant University, LBS, Harvard, Oxford or Cambridge University.


Each one of those are feeble reasons


We are today where our musings have brought us and we will be tomorrow where our idea takes us


When we can READ, WRITE and THINK; our fate is in our grasp


A canine anyplace is a canine all over the place…


A canine in AFRICA can’t be a divine being in Europe.


We have to…


  • Get the correct outlook and never think about coming up short”


  • Not permit our self-restricting accepts to impede us, ‘cos dread will shield us from going to where we might have won


  • Set objectives for ourselves to turn into the absolute best in our field


  • Develop an enthusiasm for greatness


  • Develop a standing for speed and steadfastness


  • Develop the characteristics for perseverance and assurance


We are behind the directing wheels of our own personal lives.


We are comparable to and better than anybody we will actually meet.


There are no restrictions to what we CAN DO or BE

Source: Giant News Ghana


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