I Have Never Been To Germany Before, Kennedy Agyapong Is A lyer-Martin Amidu

I Have Never Been To Germany Before, Kennedy Agyapong Is A lyer-Martin Amidu

I Have Never Been To Germany Before Kennedy Agyapong Is A lyer-Martin Amidu

Kennedy Agyapong, during a live conversation on Net 2 TV claimed that Martin Amidu, the previous Special Prosecutor has a clinical issue for which reason he ought not have been selected.

He noticed that because of his clinical irregularities, Martin once made a trip to Germany for treatment, accordingly, he (Kennedy) isn’t astonished that Martin wrecked big time when he was given the undertaking as Ghana’s uncommon investigator.

Presently, Martin Amidy has responded to the cases made by the Assin Central MP. As indicated by Martin Amidu, Kennedy Agyapong has lost all believability to the extent discussions about truth and honesty are concerned.

As indicated by him, the Assin Central Member of Parliament is referred to in Ghana as a lawmaker who is just keen on assaulting the character of individuals who have gained notoriety for themselves.

In a sound meeting with Umaru Sanda on CitiNews on the rear of charges that he made a trip to Germany to get therapy for an undisclosed ailment, he said the provocateur of the allegations, Kennedy Agyapong just has an interest in assaulting against debasement crusaders.

“The data is coming from a mind blowing source, an individual who has lost all believability taking everything into account. Kennedy Agyapong is referred to in Ghana as someone who heaves lies about any individual of trustworthiness who attempts to battle debasement.”

He further demonstrated that the allegation from Kennedy Agyapong didn’t come as an astonishment to him considering the standing the legislator has worked throughout the long term.

“In this way, I am not astounded that he’ll stoop that low to make allegations with no establishment,” he revealed to Umaru Sanda.

In an offer to trash the claims against him, Martin Amidu underlined that none of his official tasks since he started dynamic legislative issues has taken him to Germany.

He demanded that he has no information about any clinical office in the nation being referred to and the sort of treatment they advertised.

Martin Amidu further tested Kennedy Agyapong to create the premise of his claims in the event that he has any.

“I have never been to Germany on any event for a clinical test. I don’t have the foggiest idea about any German medical clinic or center and accordingly, these charges are bogus. In the event that he has records on me having gone for clinical treatment in Germany, he should create them… The entire of my residency, from the PNDC in 83 to when I left office on the nineteenth I didn’t have the occasion to visit Germany… ,” he said.

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