At your old age you’ll be surprise at how many things that could have come your way only if you had persevered a little more. Some people give up so easily as if there is no brighter future awaiting them.

One day you’ll look on your life with regret and you’ll wish you had persevered a little more. There is no easy around it. The road leading to success is designed to be tough. There are too many obstacles and challenges you need to face only if you want to succeed in life.

It had never been said anywhere that it will be an easy journey. But with perseverance, you will succeed may be not immediately but definitely you’ll be there on top.

So don’t give up hope. Never think of quitting. Always give it your last chance to try even when that fails. If you’re not failing, then it means you’re not even trying. There will be ups and downs but that’s OK. Don’t quit.

Persevere a little more…. That’s how you’ll win.

“In the confrontation between the stream and the rock, the stream always wins not because of strength but perseverance “

The very moment it gets more painful, it’s a sign that you are going to win. Fail Big. Fall down 9 get up 10 and keep on persevering.

Because one day, it will be over! Don’t give in. Never back down. Keep pushing and keep on persevering. No one will do that for you so don’t stop. Life is a battle between you and yourself only.

There are better days ahead. You’ve to go through all the stages in life. Life is an exam that you are writing. You may not pass them all at once. Sometimes you need to go back to the classroom. Re-organize yourself, and write it again.

It a journey not a destination. So far as you go through the process, you’ll incur a lot of difficulties and disappointment. But Hey! That’s OK. Just focus on beating your records every day.

We live in a world full of possibilities but those who make positive impacts are those who persevered. They are those who went after it with everything they have got inside them.

Never allow it toughness to outweigh your desire to succeed. You’re in charge here. Life may be tough but you are tougher. There will always be tough moments, tragedy and pain.

But if you stand up and develop the persistent desire to succeed, you’ll come up on top. Hope is there for everyone. Never believe in luck. God will never be selective when it comes to luck.

Work for what you want to achieve and more importantly, believe in yourself. Stand tall and fight for what you want even if that means you’re to fight alone.

Be of courage. Face your fears and persevere.



we believe in our future self!



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