Electoral Commission (EC) Says Officials Who Breach The Instructions Set Out In The Election 2020 Electoral Officials Code Of Conduct Will Be Prosecuted

Electoral Commission (EC) Says Officials Who Breach The Instructions Set Out In The Election 2020 Electoral Officials Code Of Conduct Will Be Prosecuted

The Electoral Commission (EC) says Officials who breach the instructions set out in the Election 2020 Electoral Officials Code of Conduct will be prosecuted.

The EC Code of Conduct for Electoral Officials, which tries to ponder the fundamental beliefs and guide the everyday exercises of Election Officials appointed by the EC commands officials stick carefully to all existing laws governing the conduct of the elections.

Mr Kwame Amoah, EC Greater Accra Regional Director, told the Ghana News Agency in an interview on Thursday that, discipline for offending officials will include a fine up to 500 punishment units or a term of detainment at most two years or both.

He stated, “the offender will for a long time from the date of termination of the term of detainment be excluded from being locked in as EC official. Besides the names and photos of the offending officials will be distributed in the papers just as on the commission’s site.

“Relatives of offending officials would not be allowed to work for the EC in future electoral exercises for a very long time.”

Mr Amoah noticed that any electoral official who acted against the electoral laws, guidelines, strategies and the code of conduct would get the discipline specified in these laws, guidelines, and records.

He explained that Electoral Officials were under a commitment not to do anything by the method of activities, demeanor or discourse which indicate an inclination or inclination for any ideological group – up-and-comer of ideological group delegate or specialist, in the release of their obligations.

The Officials are relied upon not to be a member (dynamic or otherwise) of any ideological group or any association known for supporting any political element.

The Officials are to exhibit unprejudiced nature and reasonableness in relating to all Applicants, Voters Political Parties, Candidates and their agents and all other partners consistently.

“They are not permitted to go to any meetings of any ideological groups or up-and-comers contesting the elections except if the individual in question has been commanded officially by the commission.

“Officials are not permitted to wear, convey, or show evident sectarian signs, logos, images, trademarks and insignias, and stuff identified with an ideological group or competitor”.

Mr Amoah noticed that the code additionally precluded Electoral Officials from working for or receiving compensation from an ideological group or applicant.

The Officials likewise should treat with empathy, however under set up methods, older people, people with incapacity and pregnant ladies and give the help that the guidelines and electoral laws prescribed.

Subsequent to conducting all obligations with professional graciousness and etiquette, the Officials are to refrain from inappropriate utilization of unapproved arrival of information obtained throughout any official obligation.

They are therefore not to speak to the EC in the customary or web-based media except if otherwise, approved by the commission in writing; “not to report and distribute election results knowing the equivalent to be bogus, or convey or cause to be conveyed any bogus profit for elections, knowing the equivalent to be bogus.”

He said “Electoral Officer will not utilize their influence to disappoint a citizen under any condition.

“Election official who is working will not go to cause a Voter to uncover or educate the person in question concerning how the elector has casted a ballot or intends to cast a ballot, and put an imprint on the voting form paper that can make the personality of the citizen known.

“Utilize their influence to assist any individual with being ready to cast a ballot knowing that the individual is ineligible to cast a ballot, give a flag or address any elector or do anything within the inner edge of a polling station with the intension of influencing voting designs”.


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