Paramount Chief of the Paga Warns Youth To Desist From Violent Politics

Paramount Chief of the Paga Warns Youth To Desist From Violent Politics

Paramount Chief of the Paga Warns Youth To Desist From Violent Politics

Paramount Chief of the Paga Traditional Area, P3 Charles Awiah Awumpaga II, has asked his folks, especially the youth, to be moderate as they go about campaign activities for political parties they support.

The Chief said political campaigns were not about mutilating or executing oneself for the gathering yet were about offering ideas and answers for the issues of the electorates. He said governmental issues was about turn of events and improvement of the lives of individuals and not to destabilize the harmony and tranquility of the general public.

Talking in his initial location at a concise commitment he had with his Elders, Subchiefs, Political coalition agents and members of the Security Agencies in Paga, to discover approaches to guarantee the wellbeing of his kin before, during and after the political race, Paga-Pio described as stressing the boisterous idea of political campaigns in his general vicinity.

He said he had noticed the foolish way in which the youth in his general vicinity rode motorcycles and other live-compromising activities as they partook in political campaigns which were not the norm and safe method of doing campaigns.

Paga-Pio said there was an earnest requirement for specialists to discover approaches to deter youngsters from setting out on political campaigns which compromised their very lives and the tranquility of the general public.

“we are here today not for anything other than rather to talk about issues concerning the political campaign season. The political campaign season is causing quiet devastation in our general public which nobody has observed. In this way, in the event that we don’t plunk down to handle the issues and we hush up about happenings, we’ll all have laments tomorrow.

The manner in which the youth are foolishly riding motorcycles around during campaigns and assaulting each other is perilous which isn’t good. It is bringing extraordinary pulverization in the event that we don’t fail to address it.

Thus, I have called you here to see approaches to stop a portion of these behaviors to forestall any unforeseen obliteration”.

“the youth ponder their sort of campaigns yet it isn’t. It isn’t about foolishly riding of motorcycles around and assaulting one another. It is about turn of events and aiding individuals. At the point when Mahama or Akufo Addo wins he won’t think about you. He won’t carry the success to your home. He’ll be appreciating with his better half and youngsters while you decay away in your grave or endure on your wiped out bed”. He advised in the nearby lingo, Kasem.

The Chief complimented the Security Agencies in his ward for guaranteeing quiet before the political race and asked them to radiate their best in guaranteeing supreme harmony during and after the political decision. He promised his undaunted support in managing recalcitrants who need to instigate inconvenience during the political race.

Inspector Tibim Solomon, the District station Officer, who spoke to the District Police Commander, expressed the preparation of the Police to battle any political race related brutality in the territory.

He uncovered that the police included deliberately positioned informants inside the networks to take care of them with information on individuals who need to mess up quick reaction to suppress them.

He said the Police have additionally recognized a few hotspots in the region and plans have been made to convey men to monitor any circumstance. He asked individuals to have trust in the police to guarantee the wellbeing, all things considered.

” we include likewise set informants inside the networks who are extremely dependable to give us information about any arranged movement by any individual or gathering of individuals that need to disturb the harmony that we are getting a charge out of here so we can flush them out”.

“we have recognized a few hotspots and during the political race, we will mount each surveying station with security work force. The hotspots would be monitored by two security staff so that there will be harmony”.


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