Check Out The Juju Man Who Steals Phones Caught And Jailed In Court

Check Out The Juju Man Who Steals Phones Caught And Jailed In Court

The Ashanti Bekwai Circuit Court has condemned Kwame Obeng Tutu, 28-year-old fortune teller to seven years imprisonment in hard Labor for stealing.

Tutu, who stole cell phones and different things confessed with the clarification that his significant other was in the process of giving birth, subsequently, he required cash for Cesarean activity.

The Court directed by Mr Marc Diboro Tirimah found the demonstration inadmissible and condemned him accordingly.

Investigator Chief Inspector Stephen Ofori told the Court that the complainants; Mr Daniel Osei Effah and Mr Joseph Amedomey were an instructor and wellbeing laborer, separately.

He said they inhabited Dominase while Tutu inhabited Tanoso in Kumasi. The arraignment said the convict, on October 30, 2020, introduced himself as a diviner to Effah and his better half, who is a nursing mother at the home of the couple.

He said the convict told the couple some mystery things, both otherworldly and physical about Effah and vowed to help him resolve.

Arraignment said the convict at that point asked Effah to deliver his old and new pictures just as those of his cocoa ranch, which he obliged.

Effah gave over his significant other’s iPhone 7 cell phone esteemed GHC3,000.00, which contained the said pictures to Tutu.

Afterward, Effah went out leaving his significant other and convict. The convict subsequently told Effah’s better half that he (Tutu) was going to their terrace to perform a few customs.

Criminologist Chief Inspector Ofori said Effah’s significant other, additionally went attending to the infant, however later recognized that Tutu had left with the telephone notwithstanding a silver jewelry esteemed GHC120.00 and two fresh out of the box new fragrances esteemed GHC270.00.

He said around the same time, Tutu utilized similar deceives on Amedomey, however this time, he said he was performing the ceremonies at a close by stream, where he got away with his Infinix Smart 3 cell phone esteemed at GHC750.00.


Arraignment said on November 29, 2020, karma evaded Tutu when he utilized a similar stunt on someone else which prompted his capture.

He was distinguished by the complainants and a formal complaint was held up. After investigations, Tutu was summoned.



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