Leaked Audio About ”Papa No” Is Real And Tracey Boakye Is Behind The Blackmail- Mzbel

Leaked Audio About ''Papa No'' Is Real And Tracey Boakye Is Behind it The Blackmail- Mzbel

Mzbel has also in a live video reacted to one leaked audio which is a conversation between herself and Tracey Boakye and per her reaction, she’s affirmed that yes indeed, the audio is real and not fake as Tracey Boakye had said.

Recall, yesterday after the audio which was also published here on, Tracey Boakye in a live video, rejected that she was the one in it, and said that it had been cooked in a studio by NPP individuals.

An irate Tracey Bokaye even rained insults and reviles on all those sharing the ‘fake audio’ as she accepts the NPP were behind it to kind of tarnish the image of the aspiring President Mahama only couple of hours to political race, which could have some impact on his outcomes come Dec. 7.

All things considered, although Tracey Boakye reviled that, any one who had shared the video, will gag when they take in water and pass on, can unhesitatingly say that, with the audio been share in excess of multiple times by individuals, there has been no report that, someone has kicked the bucket after drinking water–This goes to demonstrate that, such electronic condemnations have no impact except if obviously nobody has drank water except for I did the story and have tanked 4 containers of water since then however doing OKAY!… ..LOL (3ny3 nkwasiasem).

Read This: “48 hours to races and you release a fake audio, you will wallow in neediness Tracey Boakye loses her cool after alleged audio of her and Mzbel drops

Mzbel has not denied the audio however has just communicated stun that some Ghanaians accept that the said audio recommends that, Tracey Boakye once had some relationship with the previous President, we’ve come to know as Papa No.

In the video, Mzbel proposed that, Tracey Boakye was the one who did the recording and that, she had been bragging to individuals that she has something to do with Mahama, reason why she chose to call her (Mzbel) to kind of tell her, how profound her relationship with Mahama goes and how she has access to his phone to see all his messages.

My kin, watch the video underneath and make your own decisions because from remarks on Social media,some NDC fans are angry Mzbel had come out to affirm the authenticity of the audio



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