My Administration Would Execute A Free Primary HealthCare For All Ghanaians-John Dramani Mahama NDC

My Administration Would Execute A Free Primary HealthCare For All Ghanaians-John Dramani Mahama NDC

John Dramani Mahama, Leader and Presidential Candidate of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), on Saturday, conveyed his Party’s People’s Manifesto Agenda to organized worker’s organizations in the country.

In participation were agents from some trade guilds, for example, the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT), the Civil and Local Government Staff Association, Ghana ( CLOGSAG), the Railway Workers Union and the Judicial Service Staff Association of Ghana (JUSAG).

Mr Mahama said the NDC was a work companion party, which organizes the government assistance of laborers.

He guaranteed organized work that his next administration would minimize political interference in the appointment of local officials.

He said in building a solid country, there was a requirement for solid institutions, which would execute their mandate without dread or favor.

He said his next administration would introduce work place housing plan for staff of senior secondary schools and clinics, adding that this would go far to decrease the expense of transportation of laborers to work places.

He said the Aayalolo Buses, which he inaugurated during his initial term in 2016, would be strengthen to help the intra-city transportation, stating that the Aayalolo transports were intended to facilitate the transportation framework for laborers within Accra.


Mr Mahama likewise vowed to give more transports to the Metro Mass Transport Service to help the intercity transport framework.

He noticed that the following NDC Government would introduce the thirteenth month annuity compensation for retired people in each December.

The Presidential Candidate said his next administration would introduce the new benefits change, under which each December, beneficiaries would get twofold compensations for that month.

He noticed that the introduction of the thirteenth month compensation would mitigate the predicaments of beneficiaries.

Mr Mahama said under the new benefits change to be introduced by his next Government any contributor who had lost his employment could apply for a piece of his commitments to be paid to him until he finds another line of work.

He intimated that the new annuity change would permit contributors with a minimum of 15 years commitments to utilize their commitments as insurance to apply for credits from banks for building a three-room cabin in their hometowns, so that on their retirement, they would not endure.

He noticed that his next administration would execute a Free Primary HealthCare for all Ghanaians.

This, he said would supplement the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS), and that one would just require a Ghana Card to have the option to get to the Free Primary Healthcare without a charge.

He said the Free Primary HealthCare program was another program coming to enhance the NHIS program



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