The Problem Ghanaians Are Largely Battling Against Now Is Corruption- Anti Corruption Crusader

The Problem Ghanaians Are Largely Battling Against Now Is Corruption- Anti Corruption Crusader

An enemy of corruption crusader Raphael Godlove Ahenu has approached the electorate to see Monday general races as a call to obligation to spare mother Ghana by turning out in their numbers and vote massively against corrupt leaders.

Mr Ahenu who is the Founder and CEO of Global Media Foundation, basic liberties and hostile to corruption media promotion association noticed that the shared adversary that Ghanaians are largely battling against in Ghana is corruption.

He portrayed as stressing the consistently expanding corruption in Ghana which is sinking the picture of the nation among the worldwide network.

“Corruption is more hazardous than COVID-19, Ebola, Malaria and AIDS and it has slaughtered a bigger number of individuals than COVID-19, Ebola, Malaria and AIDS consolidated.

It has kept millions from getting individuals access quality medical services, quality training, lodging, streets and some more. So compatriot let us all join the power to crush our shared adversary called corruption on Monday by casting a ballot against corrupt leaders”, he said.

In a proclamation gave by Global Media Foundation in front of the races on Monday, the CEO said corruption is a genuine social blister eating profoundly into the Ghanaian culture.

“We should do an appropriate assessment and appraisal of which party, in our conclusions, is the most corrupt and continue to show a major dissent against corruption, saying that’s the last straw by casting a ballot against that party”.

The assertion said reads from the Center for Democratic Development (CDD-Ghana) distributed by the African Eye Report on June 19, 2019, uncovered that GHc9.6 billion has been taken from the public satchel because of corruption since 2017.

The assertion further cited, Ghana’s enemy of unite body, Ghana Integrity Initiative (GII), which is Transparency International’s Local Chapter, the report cautioned that the nation “loses near US$3 billion to corruption yearly,” Mr Ahenu depicted the circumstance as a “mistake and disappointment towards the battle against corruption in the nation.”

The assertion further approached the security offices particularly the National Security not to rehash the Ayawaso West Wuogon bye-political decision savagery by threatening, badgering and abusing voters during the political race day.

The security must keep up however not to pester voters. GLOMEF further encouraged Ghanaians to vote calmly to keep up the harmony that the nation is appreciating since the start of the fourth Republic.


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