• I have had many encounter and interactions with thousands of people across the globe🌐. And after quite a long study on most of my conversations I had had with people, it’s of no doubt that 80-95% of the people I interact with every single day lives in REGRET. It’s obvious to not accept the fact that human beings are full of emotions.

Therefore, our emotions sometimes make it difficult for us to easily let go off things that in one way or the other, will take you further away from reaching your aspirations and dreams in life. So many people are living in pain because they couldn’t accept and let go off their flaws in the past.

And as results of their actions and inactions has turn back to affect them negatively because they couldn’t let it go. People offend and is these same people who have to forgive. No matter the density or the intense of the offences or pain caused.

There is no other way that one can reverse what had already happened in the past. Here is one of my favorites quote and I think it brings home the point.

You can never open the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one.

Millions of people are stuck and cannot make any significant progress in their lives because they keep on holding some ill feelings and emotions of the past and that is preventing them from showing the world who they really are.

It’s no obvious to hear someone say, there is no way I will forgive or let go the pain you’ve caused me. The truth is that, the consequences of you holding on to a problem is that, you create no room for you to grow and improve on yourself!

Books are made in chapters and for the fact that the chapter you are currently reading is in alignment with your story doesn’t mean the next chapter is not overwhelming. And until you flip to the next Chapter, you’ll never know what the that chapter holds.

And such is life!

You’ve to learn how to let go, to be able to go through the pain so that you can improve on yourself and on your vision. I want my life to mean something. I want people to look back on their lives and say yeah! They didn’t give because of me. So anything that will take me further away from my dreams has to go.

I am committed to self-development and not self-distractions. So if you want to go with me, then you’ve to choose the tougher road. The higher road which is a much more rewarding one.


Letting go does not mean you are a coward but it means you are bold enough to admit your mistakes and courageous enough to correct them. So when something happens to me or when someone wrongs me,

I don’t say why me? Why did this happen to me? But I say, what can I learn from this? How can I grow and improve my life with this so that this doesn’t happen to me ever again? How can I share and impact my life and the life of others?

This is how we grow! But not to ask questions that will fill our minds with negativity and makes us feel insecure.

I want you to be bold enough and say, never again will I hold on to my past.

Because I am committed to better than I was yesterday. So I am letting go of this thing that makes me feel that the whole universe is against me. Be bold enough and say, never again will I go back to my past.

This is the time for you to decide that, there is nothing good left in my past. So I ought to keep moving on! I must grow! You should and you should grow! Your life is big enough to allow yourself to play too small.

When you let go off your past, it makes you feel stronger and more importantly, put you ahead of your game.


Learn to appreciate the fact that you failing has made you learn something new! Every human being can rise above being human! You can rise above your current status and standard but before you do that, you must learn how to let it go.

Become a warrior but not a worrier. Be prepared to face and go through any aspects of life. As I keep telling you, there is no easy way around it. You will never get anything 100% in life.

If you want the total 100% in life, you must be prepared to go through the most painful and difficult moments of your life. Regardless of all the anxieties and misfortune.

I have been through it. I have experienced it and I want you to know that, until you let go off that hatred, you’ll forever live in circles. You must raise your standard to fit into this world full of possibilities.



we believe in our future self!




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