The Coalition Of Domestic Observers (CODEO) Recorded 235 Cases Of Various Incidents From All The 4,400 Polling Stations

The Coalition Of Domestic Observers (CODEO) Recorded 235 Cases Of Various Incidents From All The 4,400 Polling Stations

The Coalition of Domestic Observers (CODEO) had recorded 235 cases of various incidents from all the 4,400 polling stations where it deployed observers.

It said the best five of these announced incidents are terrorizing/provocation, infringement of COVID-19 wellbeing and security conventions, brutality of various sorts, unapproved people at polling stations and breaking down of biometric gadgets”,

In a press proclamation endorsed by Albert Arhin, the National Coordinator of CODEO said in the early afternoon situational report it introduced to people in general on its discoveries on the set-up, the kickoff of polling stations, and few frequencies got from 1,499 out of the 1,502 Parallel Vote Tabulation (PVT) Observers (i.e., 99.8%) situated in all 275 Constituencies in the 16 districts of the nation on Election Day.

The assertion said dependent on the discoveries, CODEO unquestionably affirmed that the plans set up by the Electoral Commission(EC) for the arrangement and opening of surveys were sufficient for most polling stations.

“This end of surveys proclamation centers fundamentally around the democratic cycles, and a few incidents got from 1,486 out of the 1,502 PVT Observers (i.e., 98.9%) situated in all 275 constituencies in the 16 locales of the nation on Election Day.

“CODEO is proceeding to notice the tallying of ballots at polling stations, constituency and public grouping communities, keeps on accepting data on vote tally from its nationally deployed observers and will refresh people in general on new and additional data it gets from its PVT observers.

“Likewise, CODEO will be delivering a more itemized fundamental assertion on the lead of the decisions as happened on Monday, December 7, 2020, meanwhile, CODEO critically calls on the Election Security Taskforce, especially the Ahafo Regional Command, to facilitate the rapid preparing of the CODEO onlooker so he can rapidly be delivered to finish his perception task.

“CODEO additionally requests to all Ghanaians to keep on resisting the urge to panic, be reputable, keep on regarding the COVID-19 security conventions and be estimated in their response to results being declared from the polling stations, constituency and the public grouping habitats,” the assertion.


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