The Verdict Of The 2020 Presidential Election Results Is Very Clear-Kwaku Baako

The Verdict Of The 2020 Presidential Election Results Is Very Clear-Kwaku Baako

The Editor-In-Chief of the New Crusading Guide Newspaper Abdul Malik Kweku Baako Junior says the verdict of the 2020 Presidential election results is clear.

On Joy FM’s News Analysis Program Newsfile observed, he expressed that people including the resistance National Democratic Congress (NDC) who disagree with the result of the surveys should utilize the fitting gathering to address their complaints.

“Clearly the verdict is clear, luckily, we are in an acculturated law-administered society so the individuals who have issues realize where to go. We have finished and I am told the gazetting of the Presidential outcome is even done and that prepares for individuals who need to dispute to utilize the proper discussion”, he uncovered.

He likewise depicted the cycle as free, reasonable, and straightforward contrasted with the past surveys commending the media for a phenomenal work.

“We just heard the GJA President offer his remarks. Every one of them arrive at a certain resolution, this cycle was free and was reasonable. Indeed straightforward. The EC’s position was that this was free, reasonable, and straightforward. They have published a great deal of material… I have some of them here.

It is clear voting was going great, there were not many incidents of viciousness to a great extent, no uncertainty about that. The PVDs worked proficiently aside from a couple of zones. The viability of the new innovation was vindicated.”

He added, “I have heard CODEO make reports here on paper, I have heard the woman reinforce what they made on paper, I have heard the European Union additionally making their case, listened to a cross-part of the Ghanaian media that accomplished a fabulous work by continually monitoring and evaluating the circumstance… did the projections and gave us refreshed reports.”



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