Somebody asked me somewhere last year that what is your secret? Then I told him; I want to live a legacy that many years after I am dead and gone, my people will realize that, yeah! they had a man. That is why I keep telling you that live your dream because when you live your dreams and die, your dreams will live after you! And it’s called legacy.

Some people are slaves to this life in this uncertain world. And there is no greater satisfaction than to fall from this world a free man. We all live for once and we all die for once. But after you’re dead and gone, it is Only your legacies that can be counted.

That’s why Albert Einstein once said;

‘Not everything that could be count can be counted and not everything that counted, truly counts’. You may look at some of your colleagues and think they’re ahead of you even some are behind you, that is okay!

Because everything happens according to our time our clock. They have their own timing clock and so do you. Life itself is an express road and overtaking is allowed. So when someone get there before you, just congratulate them.

If you can’t share and celebrate once success, then you can’t become successful. Because you can’t figure out when you’re successful, so therefore, you can’t celebrate your own success. Living a good legacy is like being a savior of slave.

Those you free from slavery will forever hail you and consider you their God. A Messiah who came to their aid when they were cast in slavery of life. They will forever owe a gratitude to your name. And your name will be on their tongue even to their younger generations who are yet to be born.

Always be in service not to yourself but to humanity and that is the greatest form of joy. Make your life count and matter to other people’s life. Because it is the people in whose life you’ve made any investment that you can count on when you are week and down.

If not for any reason, remember you’ll one-day age! So as Young as you are, learn how to invest your resources into the lives of others. Not because they will give back in return but because your mark will forever remain significantly in their life.

Don’t live like everyone else existing. Be yourself in a world that is trying to make you feel like everyone else is. You’ve got your own unique footprints. If you have a dream, you’ve got to protect it. Don’t let anybody tells you your dreams are unreachable. Go after your dreams with everything you’ve got inside you.

Because you have an abundant wealth of resources to take your life into an incredible land of possibilities. Live your dreams and die. And your dreams will live after you. Period!


we believe in our future self!




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