The Deceitfulness Of The Election Management Body(EMB) Versus The Presentation Of Electoral Figures

The Deceitfulness Of The Election Management Body(EMB) Versus The Presentation Of Electoral Figures

The conduct of the Electoral Commission in the December 7 general elections has triggered a blistering tirade from Civil Society Organisations(CSOs) and some pressure groups in the country.

The seeming deceitfulness of the Election Management Body(EMB) versus the presentation of electoral figures are viewed as a major hit to Ghana’s legacy surveys, leaving the main resistance leader refusing to yield defeat almost seven days after the elections amidst the recorded fatalities.

Commenting on the turn of events, President of IMANI-Africa, Franklin Cudjoe said the sins of the current yield of EC officials are many and unpardonable.

He claimed the whole current EC is a pale shadow of the past administration drove by, Charlotte Osei.

“Turns out some individuals think everybody has an autopilot brain. Truly, I censured Charlotte when some of her choices were troubling, however compared to the brave bare falsehoods, delicate rigging re biometric machines, shameful acquisition gigs, and shambolic basic math mistakes that has generated an emergency of certainty, the whole current EC is a pale shadow of Charlotte! Eat it!! IMANI shall be releasing its own report and recommendations on the conduct of this EC. Make the most of your Sunday.”

Mahama rejecting political decision results

The main Opposition NDC leader, John Mahama has promised to challenge the political race bring about the courts, after the in a dead heat race that he accepted was taken for President-elect Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

He has hence would not surrender defeat citing overwhelming elector fraud which ultimately dashed the expectations of clean surveys in the 2020 general elections.

“It’s therefore that my colleagues and I in the NDC won’t accept what we know to be a fraudulent result of this political race,” he noted, adding “and we’ll take all legitimate strides to turn around this travesty of equity,” he told a public interview in the capital, Accra.

EU Observers

The European Union eyewitnesses in Ghana’s political decision have said while voting measure was transparent, collation was ‘less transparent’.

“Collation of results at the voting public level was seen in 35 body electorate collation focuses with many of them being visited repeatedly. Collation measure was less efficient and less transparent often because of a lack of detailed methods, inadequate facilities and overcrowding which at times prompted agents and onlookers not having a clear perspective on the techniques and the filling in of result structures.

“Instances of distress and strain were seen in Asawase, Sunyani West and Techiman South bodies electorate. The outcomes were collated within the sight of party agents and spectators and key transparency measures were adhered to,” the Union said in their report.

According to the EU spectators, Presiding officers of the Electoral Commission had challenge completing the outcomes structure.

“Counting, seen in 30 polling stations, was conducted in a largely transparent manner and always in a presence of party agents. The overall conduct of the counting cycle was assessed decidedly in 27 cases. Nonetheless, the EU EOM spectators revealed that methods, for example, counting of unused ballots, counting of ticks in the elector register and names reference list, counting of ballots in the ballot box, cross-checking the quantity of ballots in the ballot box against the quantity of ticks in the citizen register, and recording the quantity of electors confirmed by the BVD and manually, were often not followed. Furthermore, presiding officers appeared to have troubles completing the outcome structures. The polling station result structures were not openly displayed in 17 polling stations although party agents got marked duplicate of the outcome structure in all cases”.

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