Today marks the 1st day in the year 2021 and the first day of the first month of January 2021.Last night I was at church and hundreds of activities went on at church. From my observations last night, here are 3 things I want to leave you with as the new year massage.

  1. Don’t Just Pray, Work to Support Your Prayers!

 Psalm 128:2

“You shall eat the fruit of the labor of your hands; you shall be blessed, and it shall be well with you.”

God rewards those who work hard, and that can come in a diverse of ways. But if you continue to put in a hard work ethics, you deserve whatever is outcome. During every 31st night, Christians go to church on the basics of Cross-Over Night into the coming year.

That’s quit OK! God we know works in manifold which is true! As a Christian, is a must to pray without season as God command us to do. But a prayer without works, is like planting a viable seed on a rock with shallow soil content. The seed might germinate though, but because of the nature of the soil, it cannot grow well to bear fruitful fruits.

“You shall eat the fruit of the labor of your hands”

Now here are my words of encouragement; pray but work even harder because man reaps what he sows. So if you want financial freedom, you work for it.

  1. Don’t Pray Whilst You Must Work!

One of the greatest challenge in the world today is confusing spirituality with wisdom. Most Christians think being so spiritual will make them have everything God has said about their life.

I am not against you for being spiritual. Even the scriptures say, we are not fighting against flesh and blood. But being spiritual to the exclusion of losing your wisdom, I’ll advise you to balance the two. The new year is not new as we think as in a new beginning, a new life and a new everything.

But it a continuation of the just ending year. Situations may not turn around by itself until you turn them by yourself. You need a renewed mind and attitude to change your life and the situations around you.

You can’t drink poison and expect someone to die. You drink poison, you die.

When you live your life trying to please others all the time, you cannot appreciate yourself under any circumstance. When you live in mediocrity, you end up bearing the consequences yourself.

  1. Focus On Becoming Better Then You Are Last Year.

“If you want to become successful, do not seek success. Seek to become a person of value “If you worked for 6 hours every day last year, work 12 hours this year.

This is how you grow! Every human being can rise above being human when his desire to succeed exceed his pleasures. Maybe you had a dream of writing a book 📖 last year. This year, focus on how to make that dream a reality.

No one is writing your book because you were made to do that. If you read one book every month last year, Reed 2 books every month this year. Whatever you want to achieve in your life this year has already given to you.

You just have to discover it. Focus on beating your records every day. And don’t live like everyone else existing. Be yourself in a world that is trying to make you feel like everyone else existing. You can become what so ever you can dream off.

Change your attitude and behavior because it is the only guarantee to living extraordinary in the society. Do not be swayed away by others success. Focus on who you believe you can become.



We Believe In Our Future Self!


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