Dreaming alone is absolutely not enough to make you successful. You must do. Life can be rude and challenging. If it were not so, like everyone will be doing it.

It takes a strong desire and spirit to overcome life challenges. The average human being thinks that; why do I have to suffer? If life were to be easy and simple as we thought it should have been, there wouldn’t be any greater reward.

People who really make a significant difference in life are those who were prepared to face life even if they have to stand alone and fight. Every human being can rise above being human if their desire to succeed is above their fears of failure.

Life is said to be the most difficult exams in the world. Many people fail because they try to copy others. Do not learn from others success. Learn from their mistakes and failures.

There was a time in my life when I felt I cannot do anything in life because circumstances around me all says negative. I thought I’ve done everything I could but nothing good seems to have come out of it.

I completely lost hope in myself because almost all my colleagues were in college. Until one day I met a very Old man. He called me and said, son, you’ve something special in that no one has.

But until you decide to use what you have, you will forever live in circles thinking the entire universe is against you.

I asked him, what does that mean to me? He said, You Have a Voice So Use It. A Voice, how? I replied.

Your words carry weight so use your voice. I became curious at that moment so I asked him. Grandpa, how do I use my voice?

Then he said, you’ve been using your voice for a very long time but you don’t know your voice is your power

Finally, this man told me, go and when people come to you, talk to them like everything is OK with your life. And till you that, life will still remain a challenge for you.

Listen carefully, the reason why most of you think you’re behind is because, you have forsaken your power.

Sometimes you look at your friends and feel you are behind. The reason is that; everyone has a unique timing clock 🕒. That’s why we have morning and evening.

No one is exceptional in life. Because the grace of God is sufficient enough to keep you safe. You just play your part.

Focus on beating your records every day. Success is a battle between you and yourself only.

When you’re challenged by life, do not give up hope! Believe in yourself and vision. No one got it right the first time they tried.

Keep on trying. Keep pushing through the most painful moments of your life. Because one day, it will be over!

Sacrifice for what you want today or what you want becomes the sacrifice.



We Believe in Our Future Self!




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