Giant Tech Companies Will Fall On 2021- Prophesy By A Great Prophet

Giant Tech Companies Will Fall On 2021- Prophesy By A Great Prophet

The originator and head of the Lord’s Parliament Chapel, Prophet Francis Amoako-Atta has anticipated that few innovation goliaths in the United States of America will implode in 2020 when Donald Trump at long last leaves power.


As per him, this was uncovered to him in a dream as a component of the reiteration of heartbreaking things that will occur for the most the United States of America (USA) during the post-Trump administration.

“All the tech goliaths will implode, God will shake them on the grounds that as the times of Noah… Trump will be more perilous, all the more remarkable after he leaves power… ,” he said on Angel 102.9 FM’s Anopa Bofo on Wednesday.

He further approached the House of Representative speaker, Nancy Pelosi to approach the authority of the Democratic Party and Joe Biden, specifically, to get rid of all the disdain against Trump and proceed carefully.

“Disclose to Nancy Pelosi that he is managing the most hazardous man on earth called Trump. He will be more perilous to the US after he leaves power… they are fortunate he has been restricted from online media, else, he would have flipped around America, he will lead half while Biden likewise rule half… ,” he

The godly man additionally charged every one of those keen on putting resources into stocks in America to do as such before the start of March 2021 as indicated by him the stocks will come smashing after that.

“After Biden is confirmed, the stocks will shoot from January to February however crash in March-April…there will likewise be three degrees of Tsunami in America – political, monetary and otherworldly. The most recent week to the swearing-in of Joe Biden isn’t acceptable in any way. It’s a time of dispute and the vast majority of the tech goliaths will implode especially after Trump leaves power, mark my words… ,” he anticipated.


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