The Fomena Legislator Says He Is Not Joining Majority- Haruna Iddrisu

The Fomena Legislator Says He Is Not Joining Majority- Haruna Iddrisu

The letter kept in touch with the Speaker of Parliament by Fomena Member of Parliament Andrew Asiamah Amoako, doesn’t express that he is joining the New Patriotic Party (NPP) side in the House, accordingly, the administering party can’t profess to have lion’s share seats, Haruna Iddrisu, head of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) council, has said.

The Fomena legislator who is additionally the second Deputy Speaker on Wednesday, January 13 authoritatively kept in touch with the Speaker of Parliament, Rt Hon. Alban Bagbin illuminating him about his choice to connect himself with the NPP council in Parliament.

Investigators have said this will mean, the NPP is destined to frame the Majority in Parliament forthcoming the consequences of the arrangement of court activities the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has started against some Parliamentary seats which were won by the NPP in the December 7, 2020, decisions.

Right now, both the NPP and the NDC have 137 seats each however the Independent MP’s choice to join the overseeing gathering will carry the distinction to one.

The letter to the Speaker dated thirteenth January 2021, said “I Andrew Asiamah, an Independent Member of Parliament for Fomena Constituency and now the second Deputy Speaker for same Parliament do therefore announce that I will, for reasons for executing business in the House partner myself with the NPP council in the Eighth Parliament.

“For the evasion of uncertainty, I do thusly avow that I will coordinate and team up with the NPP Caucus in the Eight Parliament.”

In any case, talking at a question and answer session in Parliament on Thursday, January 14, Haruna Iddrisu who is additionally MP for Tamale South said “We have heard that the Fomena MP, who is the solitary free MP has kept in touch with the Speaker and I am citing verbatim from his content that ‘I will, for the motivations behind executing business in the House partner with the NPP.’ Get the words, he didn’t state ‘I am joining the NPP’.”

“He isn’t looking to join the ideological group, in this way, no one ought to do simple science of 137 in addition to one. Since all the Fomena MP said was ‘I will coordinate and work together’ and that is unique in relation to going along with,” he forewarned.

“Seven days back, the Clerk of Parliament read a letter from the Electoral Commission. The said reporter demonstrated that the NDC had 137 seats and the NPP additionally 137 seats and one free MP. In this way, from the authority journalist of the EC, neither the NDC nor NPP has a dominant part in Parliament.

“So lovely people of the media, no one ought to be occupied with any unproductive exertion to add on what the person doesn’t have. This is on the grounds that, by true records, the Parliament of Ghana is of one of equivalent strength and equivalent numbers,” he pushed.

He, notwithstanding, noticed that his side of the House will have no misgivings sitting on the left half of the speaker where generally, Minority officials sit.

“The Ghanaian public need Parliament to work for them and in support of themselves. In light of a legitimate concern for the Ghanaian public, our side has no challenges sitting on the left.”

He further required a reasonable creation of the different advisory groups of parliament following the quantity of seats the gathering and the New Patriotic Party (NPP) are involving.

“The NDC assembly will demand that the piece of councils of this eighth parliament reflect in its present nature since this is the first occasion when we are having 137 – 137.

“In this manner the piece of panels should mirror the character and strength of the ideological groups and the quantities of their chosen MPs.

“The creation ought to reflect past simple numbers and cover different variables including even administration of boards of trustees on the grounds that as we have 137,137, who seats and who leads? We are equivalent.

“You should like that parliament is a one of a kind particular and separate organ of the state. We are the authoritative organ and the manner in which we do our business is an issue that mirrors our solidarity and size.”


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