Worry No More! It A Life Lesson

“It was in December 1937 as Chelsea FC battled Charlton FC at Stanford Bridge Stadium in London, the match was stopped and abandoned at the 60th minute due to a heavy fog.

Unfortunately, the Charlton FC legendary goalkeeper, Sam Bartram remained unaware and kept guarding the goal post for another fifteen minutes after the match was stopped.

He didn’t hear the referee’s whistle because of the crowd behind him. He stood at the goal with his arms outstretched and completely focused in the fog so as not to be caught unawares as he thought his teammates were attacking the opponents goal.

Fifteen minutes after the match was abandoned, he was approached by the Stadium Police and informed the match had been stopped fifteen minutes earlier. Sam Bartram said these famous great words with great sorrow. “How sad that my friends forgot me when I was guarding their gate.”

There are many players in the field of Life whose Goal we defend with enthusiasm and Support, but when the situation become a wave of fog, they leave.

Such is life! Sometimes the people you depended on may forget your existence and that is ok! Not everyone who will remember you as a team player or a part of them. They came into your life for a purpose so they may leave the moment they feel they are ok.

Don’t put yourself under stress when the uncertainty happens in your life because what won’t kill you can’t break you. They came into your life so that you can learn the greatest lesson of your life history. Learn to let go to be able to be of your true self.



We Believe in Our Future Self!





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