“Without Side Chicks, A Few Relationships Would Have Been Long Dead,”- Blessing Okoro

"Without Side Chicks, A Few Relationships Would Have Been Long Dead,"- Blessing Okoro

Disputable, so called relationship master, Blessing Okoro has said that relationships would break however for the accessibility of side chicks.

Side chicks have become an issue recently, if not something that has been there for long, and a great deal of spouses have gotten incredulous of their husbands’ relationship with different young ladies, particularly little young ladies.

Be that as it may, as per Blessing Okoro, side chicks cause wedded ladies to sit up and take great consideration of their spouses to keep them from discovering comfort in side-chicks.

“Without side chicks, a few relationships would have been long dead,” she said.

Without side chicks, Blessing Okoro accepts a great deal of ladies would have gone palliative to their spouses at home.

Palliative is a term that depicts a movement that assuages a person of torment incidentally however doesn’t handle to reason for the issue, so she is implying that without the side chicks, spouses would simply be utilizing their wives at home for some transitory help yet their intense subject matters will in any case stay uncertain except if the side chicks come in.


Side chicks cause wedded ladies to sit up.

Without dem, some wedded ladies for wear turn palliative for spouse house,” she added.

A portion of her assets disagreed with her on this, whiles others trust it is valid.

Somebody said; “Lies from the pit of hellfire.”

“It’s reality. Furthermore, that is the reason most men don’t chip away at the issues in their homes since they get fulfilled outside. Most men don’t request separate. Those side chicks are their ways of dealing with stress,” composed, another.

“Trust me favoring… you need a man. A man that won’t hurt u once more. U post out of hurt. Love is something excellent. Side chicks is not welcome in a monitors heart. Also, u know so… . you r somebody’s side chick that you u continue to toss conceal at wedded ladies. U wish to be in the hitched lady position, it can even now occur however, simply quit posting out of envy or something,” another fan remarked.

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