I Did Not Purposely Slaughter My 9 Years Old Daughter- A Pastor From Bono East

I Did Not Purposely Slaughter My 9 Years Old Daughter- A Pastor From Bono East

A Pastor with the Heavens Kingdom Palace Ministry International in Accra Boakye Gideon has been captured by the Nkoranza Police Command in the Bono East Region for slaughtering his 9-year-old little girl, he blamed for being a witch.

The body of the expired distinguished as Boakye Queenster, referred to prominently among relations as Maame Ama was disguised in a pack and furtively covered at the Nkoranza burial ground after the devious demonstration by the alleged righteous man.

Nyarfo Samuel, Uncle of the expired, talking in a meeting with an insightful group involving Pure FM’s Osei Kwadwo and’s journalists stated, the perished has been remaining with her mom’s family in Nkoranza since she was conceived.

“Her dad (the minister) came for his little girl in June 2020 to remain with him in Accra to spend occasions because of the conclusion of the schools because of the Coronavirus pandemic. In November, the expired’s dad (Pastor Gideon Boakye) revealed to us his girl (the perished), has admitted to him that he is a witch and that we the relatives including her mom gave her the black magic. He advised us because of that, he won’t permit her little girl to go to her mom side once more. Despite the fact that her mom was tormented by the claims, there was no way around it since he is the dad,” Nyarfo Samuel clarified.

“He obstructed the discussion between us (the family) and his girl. On December 25, 2020, he (Pastor Gideon Boakye) educated us that, his girl was mysteriously gone when they came to Nkoranza for the Christmas occasions however he neglected to try and report the case to police,” He unveiled

Nyarfo Samuel further clarified that, “it was the granddad of the perished who went along with us to report the case to the Nkoranza Police since we were confounded about the vanishing of my niece (the expired)”.

Minister Gideon Boakye was therefore captured by the Nkoranza Police Command on Wednesday, January 13, 2020, and admitted that he killed his girl and subtly covered her at the Nkoranza burial ground.

He drove the police and the relatives to the said graveyard where the body was uncovered.

Then, the Nkoranza Police Command has initiated examinations concerning the issue while Pastor Gideon Boakye is as yet in Police Custody helping with that.

The Founder and Leader of Heavens Kingdom Palace Ministry International Augustine Aborah affirmed to the analytical group that Pastor Gideon Boakye is one of the lesser ministers in the congregation.

“I was stunned and amazed when I heard the news however when he educated me concerning the vanishing of his little girl, I requested him on a few events to come clean from the issue yet yesterday was just I heard that he killed his girl,” he said.

“On the telephone when he was captured by the police, he disclosed to me he didn’t purposefully execute his girl however he beat her to death and on the grounds that he was apprehensive, he covered her to dodge disrespect and capture.”


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