Meet Mother Diana The Telenurse; One Of The Uncelebrated Yet Truly Great Individuals

Meet Mother Diana The Telenurse; One Of The Uncelebrated Yet Truly Great Individuals

Account of Mother Diana; the telenurse at Crystal TV

Mother Diana is one of the uncelebrated yet truly great individuals within recent memory who has devoted her time entirely to the administration of humanity and the conveying of general wellbeing instruction to one and all on the customary.

This lady has been on our screens for near 10 years and her work as a telenurse can never be downplayed. The quantum of information she has imparted to individuals taking everything into account is work celebrating.

In this release of Celebrity Facts &Life, out lense is centered around Mother Dina, her work as a telenurse and why she should be praised for her devotion to work and administration to the great individuals of Ghana.

Meet Mother Diana: The most un-commended general wellbeing instructor who has been serving Ghanaians as Telenurse for a very long time

Mother Diana

Who is Mother Diana?

Mrs Diana Akosua Crystal-Djirackor who is warmly called other Diana is a clinical expert with more than thirty years of training and educating in the clinical field and now as an essential supporter and an establishing individual from the Medical Media Group International (MMGI).

A NGO in Ghana and spoke to in other African nations, she has committed her insight and experience to convey medical aid enlightening and preventive answers for everybody across the globe.

She has been lecturing emergency treatment enlightening and preventive wellbeing arrangements through the famous and grant winning “Telenurse Health Tips” vignettes/program fillers on the Crystal TV organization, absolutely on the Xtra, Plus and Prime stations.

Following quite a while of training as an attendant in the clinical field, Mother Diana now in her retirement chose to reward society and the world everywhere, that which she has been honored with by sharing basic federal health care information and data on sound expectations for everyday comforts through her various media commitment.

In accomplishing this point, she conceptualized and advanced a few brands, for example, Telenurse Health Tips, Telenurse Consulting, Telenurse Foundation, Telenurse Outreaches, Telenurse Interactive, and Telenurse Research and Development and has attempted unique edu-crusades like tending to the Ebola Pandemic and as of now chipping away at the COVID-19 Project, all under the umbrella body of the Medical Media Group International.

Mother Diana has ladies a few honors at the Radio and Television Personality Awards yet that is plainly insufficient. Her support of Ghana needs more acknowledgment and festivity.


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