3-Things to Consider When Determined

  1. Not giving up.

 The determined don’t give up irrespective of how hard things get. They have spectacular reasons that motivate them to keep pushing and the ability to stand tall and fight even when the situation become tougher is what makes them to succeed in the end.

Whiles others drop off, they keep trying. They don’t quit because they failed. If you want to be determined, decide first that you will not give up on yourself until  you achieve your goals.

The only thing that can fetch you the respected title, is developing a strong desire to succeed irrespective of the rejections you encounter.

Get a clear vision for yourself and why you must achieve it no matter how many times you’re challenged by life. This version of you does not change.

2. The determined uses their failures as a reason why they must succeed.

They understand they may encounter failures but they will succeed in the end. The determined don’t let failure to outweigh their desire to succeed.

They know they may fail frequently but they will succeed at all course.

They’re persistent and more focus on their vision and this is why they often become successful in the society. They don’t allow their fear of failure to pull them down. They are always on top of their life. For them, not having a meaningful goal is a burden to them.

They’re compared to a palm tree, they’ll bend in the wind and move towards it direction but yet, they’ll come back.

Also, the vision of attaining the ultimate success in life is what inspire them to get started and then keep chasing what they want in life.

3. The determined always want to know more, be more and become more success.

The determined is willing to grow and improve on their self no matter how critical of their limitation. They understand that their current limitation in life is not permanent. They start taking new actions every day to create a better version of themselves.

They are more concern about how to improve on their skills in life and to succeed is the only hope they ride on. Even before they think of it, they believe they can do it! They are resilient and relentless.

Determination becomes fruitful only if you’re willing to learn and more importantly to ask question if you don’t understand something.


We Believe in Our Future Self!





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