A JHS Student As Of Late Made A ‘Paddle Vehicle’, As He Calls It

A JHS Student As Of Late Made A 'Paddle Vehicle', As He Calls It

Joseph Korley Tetteh is initially an artist however started producing bikes in 2009. He has made not many bikes and as of late a ‘paddle vehicle’, as he calls it.

Addressing SVTV Africa, CEO of Seek Ye Bikes, Joseph clarified what an oar vehicle is and why he made it.

“I needed to make something travelers could move around in when they visit our vacationer locales and for enormous offices or foundations. It is like a bike however it has a directing wheel, closely resembles a vehicle,” he disclosed to DJ Nyaami.

Joseph who is, nonetheless, delivering on a limited scale and added that “these are models. So I just do  production on solicitations. On the off chance that I get speculators or accomplices to help monetarily, I will start large scale manufacturing.”

He added that photographic artists and video chiefs now and again get it for photograph and video shoots without a charge.

Mercifully look at the full meeting beneath:


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