Check Out The Total Number Of People Captured By The Police For Not Wearing Nose Mask

Check Out The Total Number Of People Captured By The Police For Not Wearing Nose Mask

An aggregate of 282 individuals have been captured by the Police, in two days for not wearing nose covers towards containing the spread of COVID-19.

The Accra Regional Police Command recorded 97, trailed by Ministries, 66, Baatsona, 50, Teshie, 30, Madina, 23 and Tesano, 16.

Representative Superintendent of Police (DSP) Effia Tenge, Head of the Public Affairs Unit, Accra Regional Police Command, told the Ghana News Agency.

She clarified that the activity was in accordance with the usage of the Executive Instrument passed by the President to guarantee individuals from people in general were shielded from contracting COVID-19.

Aside from the capture, she stated, there were likewise sensitisation and general schooling of engine riders, drivers just as their mates at different lorry stations.

DSP Tenge said drivers were to ensure travelers had their veils on before they were permitted to board their vehicles.

Explorers, who were at that point on board vehicles however had no veils, were encouraged to get one preceding being permitted to proceed with their excursion, she added.

DSP Tenge said all the 97 captured on Monday had been forewarned and released.

She said police staff in upholding the law had it extreme guaranteeing social separating among those captured people.

DSP Tenge said those captured whined of inconvenience in wearing the nose covers, with others refering to wellbeing concerns.

Ghana News Agency noticed improvement in individuals wearing nose veils in the roads, particularly, where police officers were situated, however some had them under the jaw.


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