In life, success comes only to those who see their dreams near and closer to them. People who always work towards their dreams often become successful. Nevertheless, life is design to be tough and the most difficult exam.

Many people fail because they try to copy others, forgetting that everyone has different question paper. The fact is, if you really know yourself, then you know who you really are.

Anytime I find myself in difficult situation, I keep holding to my strength because I am a champion. I know and I believe I have champs’ qualities in me. So never will I settle for anything less below my potential.

I believe in the things many people have doubt because I am a champion. I see myself the champion wherever I go. Never will I play little for meaningless things. Because I know and I believe that, the only where failure will be in life is not living my dreams.

Challenges may come my way but they’ll only last for a moment. They’re sometimes a test to shape my faith and to give me a new understanding about myself. But in all circumstances, I see myself a champion.

I persist in any step I take towards my life and that alone put me at the champion position. Always consider yourself a champion. I have the passion of becoming a great leader, so therefore, am always ready to lead.

Whenever there is a chance to lead, I make sure pursue and command the chance of leading through my attitude. And even before I make use of that chance, I know I am a champion!


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