Maximizing Your Potential

Don't Just Pass As An Ordinary Creature

Don’t just pass as an ordinary creature. Your potential is as a well filled with Water. Just dip your bucket in and fetch it to the top conscience of your mind.

God has oozed out a part of himself into us that qualified us to belong to the God’s Class. He made us in his own Image and deposited in us an abundant wealth of resources.

Graced on his authority and Power. That what’s so ever we shall bind here on earth 🌍, shall be bind in the heaven’s. He has given us an amazing gifts and talents that if we decide to discover them, nature them to become fruitful, We’ll become an amazing creatures and personalities.

One ought to understand the essence of discovering Who he/she is, and more importantly, what he has been made to fulfill here on earth.

God has already given us that something – Devine instinct to be able to discover the earth. Potential is not something you’ve already achieved, it’s that part of you that still remain unused, dormant and un-touched capacities or resources.

Every one of us here on earth has an amazing gifts and potentials.

No one can fully tap into all his potentials here on earth 🌍. That should tell you how great you can become only if you decide to use what nature has given you already.

It quite obvious to hear someone say, God! Why was I created? my problem keeps increasing every single day. Sometimes, I just don’t want to understand them. Because society is making them think the way they see themselves.

They believe so much in what people say they are. In effects, they turn from their own unique footprints. Don’t just pass away without using what God has placed you.

Be that man who had his potentials utilized. Before you reach your last breath, make sure your life can be counted. Leave a good legacy that generations to come can be bold enough to say, indeed, we had a great man!

The only way you can accomplish what the creator made you to do, is to reconnect back to your source of life. Have a personal relationship with your maker.

Because the grace of God is sufficient enough for all persons. No one was created with exceptional gifts or qualities. We were all made equal.

The greatest casualties in life is not found among the blacks nor the whites. But the number one casualty in life is found in the land of fear.

Face your fears, rise above your limitations and use your potentials.


 we believe in our future self!






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