Gospel Melodies These Days Are Full Of Commotion- Helena Rhabbles

Gospel Melodies These Days Are Full Of Commotion- Helena Rhabbles

One of Ghana’s prestigious gospel artists, Helena Rhabbles has said that the vast majority of the gospel melodies these days are brimming with commotion.

As per Helena Rhabbles, who addressed Roman Fada on Atinka FM’s Drive Time show if she somehow managed to be given the chance, she’ll lash a ton of these new gospel artists for making all the commotion for the sake of making gospel music.

As indicated by her, it is essential to go to God in petition as the she says the Holy Spirit is a man of honor and comprehends our sentiments.

To Helena Rhabbles, the result would be extraordinary if these new gospel artists go to God in petition to look for motivation as the will be topped off.

She is of the assessment that if the melodies they make don’t interest God, they unquestionably won’t engage people.

” I will lash a ton of the new gospel performers whenever given the chance in light of the fact that nowadays the vast majority of their melodies are loaded with clamor.

The Holy Ghost is a man of honor and he comprehends our emotions so in the event that you go to him in supplications he will top you off and the result will be incredible.

In the event that your melody doesn’t speak to God, at that point how might it appeal to people,” Helena Rhabbles said.


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