The Youngest Child To Try Positive For COVID-19 In Komfo Anokye Is 11 Years Old

The Youngest Child To Try Positive For COVID-19 In Komfo Anokye Is 11 Years Old

An alarm has been given by specialists at the KATH following news that it can presently don’t get new patients after information on nine youngsters at the office over the most recent 10 days have tried positive for the novel Covid, which specialists have declared has built up another strain.

The most youthful among the youngsters, as indicated by Head of the Child Health Directorate at the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital, Prof. Sampson Antwi, is a 11-day-old infant.

The most seasoned among them is accounted for to be 14 years.

This upsurge in the COVID-19 circumstance in the district is negatively affecting the office as the executives battles to get to space for kids determined to have the infection, just as different disorders, he added.

“We are having a gigantic flood in COVID positive cases and the sickness at first, youngsters were supposed to be saved. We had 14 the entire of a year ago yet this year, simply the spate of 10-days, we got 9 positive cases,” he told JoyNews.

KATH is the solitary pediatric reference office in the northern area of the country and right now, the board says the emergency clinic is overstretched and in desperate need of room.

“The COVID strain that we are having now is actually additionally influencing youngsters truly. In the event that in under about fourteen days we are getting 9 cases, we don’t have the foggiest idea where we will go when we are full,” says Prof Antwi.

He, along these lines, expressed that it is hard to get any more new cases brought to the office as there is no space for any such affirmations.

“We are not in the position even to bring new cases. I don’t mean COVID. Anyone who is wiped out when you come here, we will just emergency you in front [of the hospital] most likely in a rescue vehicle that you came in with.

“On the off chance that there’s something that we need to accomplish for you, we can do to settle you and send you back in light of the fact that our wards are full,” he clarified.

Notwithstanding, he added that there are continuous talks with the Regional Health Directorate to make a treatment community for kids with COVID-19.

“We are investigating the chance of getting a treatment place for kids [with COVID]. We are in talks with the Medical Director. They have really had conversations with the Regional Health Directorate to check whether they can make space for stable kids.”

Prof. Baafuor Kofi Opoku, Medical Director of KATH, uncovered that out of 504 examples taken, 251, addressing 49.8 percent returned positive, covering the time of late 2020 till January 26, 2021.


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