Powerful Words That Will Give You Life Motivation

The only way that many people want to travel by, but just few of the people journey through it, is called life.

life can be rude, life can be forgiven and unforgiven. At the same time, life can be smooth or rough, and life can be sweet or sur. In any case, the only stage in the human race that man feels very fulfilled is when we see our dreams coming true.

To some people getting through with their Christian and religious life, living their dream lives and to others realizing that their impacts is really changing and transforming lives.

One stage, we all hate to remain there as human is, living a broke and unfulfilled life.

It becomes critical for most people to accept the facts that their status is not wealth it at this point, so we begin to presume solutions to our problems.

Some people are genuinely living an OK life. Others too are just pretending that everything is OK but deep within their heart, they know they want more to do more, to be more and become more.

Here is one of my favorites quote and it read, if you know who you are, you know who you are not. But if you don’t know who you are, anybody at all can describe onto you any form of identity, and you begin to live your life just to please of what the favorable opinion of others says.

It is better to be alone and walk in the right direction than to follow the crowd and move in the wrong direction. No one knows the intense of your heart desires than you do.

When you are in love with something, you only can describe it in your own words and that will be the perfect definition. On the contrary, if you hate something, you alone can tell how much you hate that thing. Life is so fair.

I’ve seen people who are in their sixties and retirement who don’t have even a pesewa to their name but feel very fulfilled because they lived their passion.

And I know people who are equally in their retirement but not feeling fulfilled yet they have papers in the account. And they will tell you that Hey! Young man!  if I have the second chance to live young again, there are many things I’ll do and other things I wouldn’t have done. Because they had had the experience.

There is a popular quote that says “Experience is the best teacher “. As you age, you begin to master the experiences in life which is very natural.

You start realizing your mistakes, things you did well at it and things you did not.

Such Is Life.

We mature as our experiences keep increasing.

The knowledge of what you love and what you hate lies in the lessons of life. Life teaches you the greatest experience lesson when you begin to live from the inside and not the outside.

I want to bring home the point that, decide your future, by choosing your life! God has given you that authority as human. That’s why the Bible says; “whatever you shall bind here on earth, shall be bind in the heaven’s.

Now my words of encouragement. I want you to design your own life, by choosing your future. Period!



we believe in our future self!






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