Moesha is Set To Release Her First Single

After having a stint in the movie industry, Moesha is set to release her first single. She has set her eyes on the music industry this time. The model, actress and a social media influencer has taken to another twist in life. As the saying goes ” time changes”. Moesha recently said in an interview that she had regretted to talk about what she said when she was interviewed by Amanpour on CNN.

The surprising and confusing factor into his music career is that, she is not known to have such music prowess, voice or whatever. However, We know her to be a bootylicious slay queen who shows off on social media and later ventured into movies but not music.

Moesha’s Insta Post

Moesha made the revelation of his music intentions on her Instagram page when she posted a photo with a teasing Press Play caption. The single is entitled ‘Diva’ and it is set to be released on her birthday which happens to be just around the corner. I can’t imagine how Moesha Bodoung will look on stage with all that heavy specks. Maybe she wants to step in the footsteps of Emelia Brobbey, Fella Makafui and others.

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