Ghana Twitter On Fire As ‘Agyeiwaa’ Song Trends (+Reactions)

Ghana Twitter On Fire As 'Agyeiwaa' Song Trends (+Reactions)

Twitter Ghana is buzzing with the word ‘Agyeiwaa’. Any Ghanaian would quickly make conclusions thinking a particular girl is trending.

Well the Agyeiwaa here is a song by Kumerica rapper O’ Kenneth featuring Reggie and City Boy. Although the song was released by underground artiste, the song is already topping trends on Twitter.

Basically the song is about a dada bee girl in love with a boy who is a hustler. Although a lot of well top do and reputable boys in the hood are also interested but the girl seems to have already made up her mind. This song has since evoked massive reactions on Twitter.

Here are some of the reactions below:




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