SHS To Be Closed If Government Do not Supply Food GNAT

The national teachers association reiterated concerns of closing schools if the food shortage in schools are not properly addressed and solved. The teachers union of Ghana has given the government five days ultimatum to solve the issue or they will release the students to come home as they don’t want to starve them.

SHS to be closed if government do not supply food. That was the words of the greater Accra Regional secretary of GNAT, Mr. Boateng. He went on to say that food such as cereals that the schools and the students mostly depends on are not been coming forth. Also the proceeds that suppose to come from the government have also been halted and all this factors makes the life in SHS campus unbearable.

The cooperate affairs manager of NAFCO ( Buffer Stock exchange), Mr. Emmanuel JK Arthur, speaking on Akoma FM said, things has been hard for them to gather food for the students. There is a food shortage of some commodities such as rice and maize because of the unequal in supplies and pricing. He further assured the Teachers Association that better solutions are in the pipeline  to ensure abundance food supplies for the student.

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