Help The People Instead Of Taxing Them

The 2021 budget was met with tumultuous disagreement between the opposition and the general public. It is certain that, with the exception of the water and electricity Ghanaians are enjoying for gratuity there is nothing the citizens are enjoying for free and instead of the Government helping the people in this Covid era he is rather taxing them.

The Executive Director of the Media Foundation for West Africa Sulemana Braimah lamented that the Government should help the people to be relieved during this hard times that a lot of people have lost their jobs and loved ones.

The Government introduced the bola tax, one percent health Levy tax and one percent increase flat rate for  Ghanaians to deal with in 2021. In other countries such as Europe and the USA , the government has introduced Covid-19 relief fund to help its people during this perilous times but in Ghana it is a different story. The opposition NDC member of parliament Okudzeto Ablakwa said the government should not tax the people because there is  too many hardship already in the country but Agyapa Mercer MP for sekondi said the tax is introduced to solve a specific problem. Instead of the government borrowing, it is advisable to raise it ourselves, that is why there has been a lot of taxes in the system.

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