FBI Storms Ghana To Arrest Fraud Boys (Video)

FBI Storms Ghana To Arrest Fraud Boys (Video)

Members of the United States Federal Investigation Bureau (FBI) have stormed Ghana to go after fraud boys following a whistleblower’s revelation after he was cheated by his counterpart abroad.

In a recall, a fraudster John Jacob [obviously an alias] reported his fellow scammer in the US to the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) in the United States of America.

According to John in a phone call with an FBI agent, he has been involved in a fraud deal with his counterpart in the United States. John told the FBI that  counterpart steals the details of US Citizens abroad and sends it to him to file for unemployment benefits.

Jacob  however indicated  that they have so far made close to 10 million Dollars but Awuni has become greedy and has refused to split the money with him

As of now the FBI has arrived in Ghana to do more investigations regarding the issue and arrest Jacob and any other fraud boy that comes their way.


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