Sakawa Ring Demands Babys Blood

There is no shortcut in life as the saying goes. The youth of today love to get rich quickly without toiling. Sometimes it baffles me when a teenager say he/she is suffering so because of that, he or she did this or that. What about those having children, paying school fees, renting, issuing money for daily upkeep and etc.

A sakawa ring demands baby’s blood. This sad and horrible story was developed in Kasoa a suburb of the central region. A boy incidentally took a ring that belongs to his friend and wore it. The victim took the ring on a table while his friend is busily playing a video game at Kasoa Iron city. The victim wore it on his index finger and the ring has stuck. He wore the ring overnight and upon waking up in the middle of the night, he found out that the index finger has swollen. The victim tried all effort to remove the ring but to no avail.

According to sources, the ring was made for a spiritual purposes so the ring need to be pacified with a new born baby’s blood. This was revealed to the victim’s parents after an attempt to remove the ring by blacksmiths, pastors and doctors failed but rather ended up in breaking off part of the ring. Now what they have to do to save the troubled boy is to give the ring a blood of a new born baby or to pay with his life. Mostly the sakawa boys will  wear the ring to help them inflict total control over their client or the particular person they want to control or take something from. It is usually use to extort money from Europeans, Americans etc.

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