Don’t Give Me Pressure Because I Am Not An NPP MP: Fomena MP

Don’t me me pressure because I am not an NPP MP, these are the words of the Fomena MP. This comes after he was asked by his constituents to go for the 2024 election in the name of the New parotitic Party. Most of the people who voted for Honorable Andrew Kobina Amoako want him to vie for the NPP flag for the 2024 elections but he told them he don’t know yet so they should stop giving him pressure. If the constituent want to know they must ask the president instead of him.

Though he is doing business with the NPP but he is still an independent candidate so he cant say anything about that. This happened when he was asked on Angel TV by the host Kwamena Sam Binney. Mr. Amoako said he is very grateful for his people for the vote and the task given him by the president but he feels they should allow him to serve the purpose he was voted for and put 2024 on hold.

He said it is not time yet so he has many days to make decisions concerning the next elections, what he is concentrating now on is the task at hand and the purpose of going to the parliament. His people voted for him for that purpose so he is there to achieve that for his people. So therefore, he will not bow to the pressure to bid in the name of NPP.


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