Never Seen Photos Of Date Rush’s Fatima Causes Confusion Online (+Photos)

Never Seen Photos Of Date Rush's Fatima Causes Confusion Online (+Photos)

TV3’s Date Rush Show has over the years gained massive momentum as fans all over the country keep glued to their tv sets every Sunday to watch the intriguing show.

The show showcase ten beautiful ladies and a guy to choose from them. After the show, they go out on a date to see if they can really stay together as couples or just friends.

This season has ben epic as it constantly evokes massive reactions from fans across the country on social media after each episode.

One contestant who seem to be gaining a lot of public attention is Fatima. A musician whose main aim is to be loved and love.

The gal dem boss chicks has always been seen making funny remarks that has make the show funny this season.

We have compiled a list of photos of the musician

Fatima 2

Fatima 3

Fatima 4

Fatima 5

Fatima 6


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