Prophet Mohammad Picture in Text Book Causes Stir

A lot has happened recently about the Badu Nkansah text book saga. The text book attributed Ewe’s as the only juju loving tribe in Ghana. This caused a lot of controversy in the country and in the education sector as well. Now what we are gathering is that a prophet Muhammad picture in the primary text book is causing stir and triggering another skirmish again.

A picture of prophet Muhammad has been placed in the primary book of the new curriculum. In the Islamic religion, there is no picture of Muhammed or any of their Caliphs. The reason why there is no picture of the prophet of Islam and their caliphs are still unknown. On the contrary, Christian are having the picture of Jesus Christ and all their religious personalities and therefore they can be portrayed in any text books but not of the Islamic religion.

The picture was posted on Facebook by one Kweku Edudzie in the NDC EYE Facebook group page. The post reads as follows, “Long awaiting picture of Prophet Muhammad is out. Thanks to Akufool Addo’s educational reform”. The Muslims do not have any accepted image of Prophet Muhammad in their Holy Quran just like the Christians do not also have correct image of Jesus Christ”.

The Facebook Post depicting the picture of prophet Muhammad

So far there is no noise on the media since a lot of people don’t know about this picture and I do hope the ministries will not allow this book to come and cause another havoc than the first one.


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