Some Ghanaians Think Am “Neglectful” And Simply An Illusion Of Their Creative Mind

Some Ghanaians Think Am "Neglectful" And Simply An Illusion Of Their Creative Mind

President Akufo-Addo has depicted the debasement discernment some Ghanaians have about him as “neglectful” and simply an illusion of their creative mind.

This comes as a reaction to the ruckus that welcomed his alleged retirement of previous Auditor-General Daniel Domelevo which was enhanced by hostile to unite activists; the President takes solid special case.

Numerous Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) have scrutinized and addressed President’ Akufo-Addo’s enemy of defilement tag after the constrained expulsion of Domelevo from office.

As per these CSOs, the President has neglected to battle defilement and is somewhat battling those battling debasement which as a result overcomes his much-promoted revultion for defilement.

One of these remarks rolled in from the fellow benefactor and Executive Director of Afrobarometer, Prof Emmanuel Gyimah-Boadi who firmly sentenced the public authority’s purpose to battle defilement after Domelevo was resigned.

He remarked: “concerning the President’s validity regarding hostile to defilement, I am reluctant to say it is shredded. It has been destroyed for some time however this places a nail in the casket. I consider Domelevo to be a casualty of perfectly tuned activities by people who are [government] authorities and by state organizations,”.

President Akufo-Addo was unmistakably annoyed by this remark and has not trifled with it. Accordingly, the President has said these remarks were unmerited and were made with no earlier basic thinking.

“It is, in this manner, frustrating to hear an extremely senior and in any case recognized individual from common society offer such free and neglectful expressions like the President’s believability on enemy of defilement is ‘destroyed’ and ‘has been shredded for some time, and that the necessary retirement of Mr Domelevo places the nail in the casket of the President’s validity.”

“Such explanations are not founded on realities and driven likely by feelings. The truth of the matter is that the President’s validity on enemy of defilement is unequaled and no measure of misconstrued sentiments can change that.”

“It is significant that no solid of alert or judgment was heard from you or your partners in common society when Mr Domelevo was utilizing his office to participate in such inadmissible and unseemly lead. Surely, a less beneficent viewpoint would be that this was a patent maltreatment of office. However, there was no prattle from our companions of Civil Society,” the assertion added.

The President’s assertion finished up by saying Domelevo’s work as Auditor-General was not as humiliating to his legislatures as many see.


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