EIU Report: Too Right On Time To Say That The NDC Will Win 2024 Decisions – Dr Alidu

EIU Report: Too Right On Time To Say That The NDC Will Win 2024 Decisions - Dr Alidu

EIU Report: Too right on time to say that the NDC will win 2024 decisions – Dr Alidu

A Senior Political Science Lecturer at the Department of Political Science of the University of Ghana, Dr. Seidu Alidu says it is too soon to anticipate a success for the resistance National Democratic Congress in 2024.

The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) in its most recent report has anticipated a success for the NDC come 2024 with a thin Majority in parliament. The EIU additionally anticipates the resistance National Democratic Congress ( NDC ), to supplant Former President John Dramani Mahama in the event that it needs to win the 2024 races.

Remarking on the most recent projection on the 3FM Sunrise Morning Show, Dr. Alidu said

“On the all out score I think it is too soon. You can make these forecasts yet elector elements and issues may eject and change the entire races. The President just began his second term he actually have right around four years so a great deal of things can occur. So even seven days to races an occasion may occur and change the elements”.

On the NDC changing their Flagbearer, Dr. Alidu noted

” The second piece of their assertion is that the NDC needs to change a flagbearer I imagine that one is profoundly begging to be proven wrong as in, President John Mahama is quite possibly the most famous up-and-comers in the NDC and you can say that in 2016 he lost, he even yielded rout before Charlotte Osei announced the victor and you saw that the NDC went to the Supreme Court on the grounds that a great deal of things didn’t go in support of themselves. There is as yet that component of sympathy with respect to the NDC authority and the grassroots”.

As indicated by Dr. Seidu Alidu contrasted with ensuing races the NDC did well this time round so it makes sense that he performed well as an up-and-comer and the gathering progressed admirably and the gathering may feel he needs a touch of time.


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