Kids Shouldn’t Beg On The Streets- Nana Akomea

Kids Shouldn't Beg On The Streets- Nana Akomea

The Managing Director of the State Transport Corporation (STC), Nana Akomea has approached State specialists to check the flood of youngsters selling and asking in the roads.

The way of life of kids younger than eighteen (18) a long time peddling or asking for charity on the roads has gotten a matter of concern and an upsetting issue in the country.

It is as of now simple to detect the little youngsters, some even babies between the ages of four and five, on the road asking for aid.

Talking on Peace FM’s “Kokrokoo” program, Nana Akomea questioned the specialists why they have loosened up the rules that everyone must follow guaranteeing no kid is found in the city.

He cautioned against such demonstration focusing on it represents a danger to the existences of the kids, hence approaching the specialists to forestall the youngsters, especially ones having a place with guardians who are locals of sub-Saharan African nations, from going into the roads.

“The law is the law. Youngsters ought not be on the roads asking. It’s cherished in the Children’s Act,” he expressed.


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