Korle Bu Maternity Block Didn’t Burst Into Flames – PRO

Korle Bu Maternity Block Didn't Burst Into Flames - PRO

The administration of the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital has invalidated cases that there was a fire episode at the maternity square of the clinic on Tuesday night (April 6, 2021).

An assertion gave by the Public Relations Officer of the emergency clinic, Mr Mustapha Salifu in a response to a report via web-based media about the alleged fire with a video showing the departure of recently conceived children said the video had made a bogus alert.

The individual who recorded the episode of the clearing of the children had asserted that the Ghana National Fire Service had been called however the staff were yet to answer to help soak the fire.

However, the Korle Bu PRO clarified that the switch of a cooling framework at the specialists’ bathroom rather built up a slight issue and began transmitting smoke, yet the circumstance was immediately contained.

The following is a duplicate of the assertion

The Maternity Block of the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital (KBTH) isn’t ablaze as been claimed via web-based media.

What happened was a climate control system switch in one of the bathrooms of the specialists began discharging smoke which was identified by staff on the job at around 9 PM yesterday [Tuesday].

The staff on the job immediately utilized fire quenchers to extinguish the fire before the appearance of the Ghana National Fire Service(GNFS).

As a careful step, a portion of the children were moved to another wing of a similar floor.

We wish to express no understanding or staff endured any losses or injury. Typical activities have continued after appraisal by the Ghana National Fire Service showed that there could have been no further danger of peril to either patients or staff.

We wish to praise the staff working for their sharpness and polished skill.


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