74-Year-Old Ex-Assembly Man In Court For Raping 13-Year-Old Girl

74-Year-Old Ex-Assembly Man In Court For Raping 13-Year-Old Girl

A previous Assemblyman of the Galilee Electoral Area, a suburb of Chorkor in the Greater Accra Region Stephen Nii Okuley Tetteh has been charged for contaminating a 13-year-old young lady.

Okuley, a 74-year-old Pharmacy Assistant has been accused of contamination. He has argued not liable.

Tetteh was conceded to bail in the amount of GH¢60,000.00 with two guarantees, who are to be community workers acquiring at the very least GH¢2,500.00 month to month.

Brief realities

The concise realities of the case as introduced to the court by the Prosecutor, Chief Inspector Kofi Atimbire were that the complainant is a fishmonger and mother of the person in question.

As indicated by Chief Inspector Atimbire, both the complainant and casualty just as the denounced live in a similar house at Galilee-Chorkor.

The Prosecutor said, the blamed is affectionate for sending the casualty on tasks and has been giving her money related awards for the help.

Boss Inspector Atimbiri said, the blamed exploited for the present circumstance and was furtively having sex with the casualty at the blindside of the complainant.

As indicated by the Prosecutor, on January 25, this year, the complainant returned from town and didn’t see the casualty in the house.

The Prosecutor said, being concerned of the casualty’s nonappearance, the complainant scanned wherever nearby for the person in question yet without any result.

Boss Inspector Atimbire said the complainant got data later that the blamed individual came and called the person in question.

He said the complainant at that point went directly to the denounced individual’s entryway and considered the casualty a few times yet there was no reaction.

The Prosecutor said, the complainant at that point opened the entryway prompting the blamed individual’s patio and entered.

He said when the complainant continued to the living room and called the casualty’s name once more, the denounced individual speedily came out from his room pulling his shorts up and got a controller and begun squeezing it.

The Prosecutor said when the complainant asked the charged where her little girl was the denounced thus requested that she proceed to look for her little girl if in fact the casualty was in his room.

Mr Atimbire said the complainant at that point saw the fabric which the casualty had folded over her midsection when she went out before, in the denounced’s living room.

He said the complainant now realize very well the blamed individual had covered up the casualty some place in the room, entered his room, saw the casualty’s jeans and shorts lying in the room.

The Prosecutor said the complainant looked there until she saw the casualty stowing away under the charged’s bed with her top-dress moved up and not wearing any jeans.

The Prosecutor said the complainant pulled the casualty from under the bed and wrapped the casualty’s abdomen with her fabric found in the blamed’s room and went to the Chorkor Police Station to stop a grumbling.

He said a clinical report structure was given to the complainant to send the casualty to the clinic for treatment and the blamed in this way charged.

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